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How Many Devices can I connect to the Skreens Models?

Skreens has up to 4 HDMI inputs and will allow you to select the size and layout of each individual input to customize the experience. In addition, Skreens comes with a built-in internet browser for you to create more windows. We do not recommend watching video with the built in browser – it’s designed for browsing and social media.

Will Skreens work with an External HDMI Adapter?

Yes – You can use an external HDMI adapter to connect to your TV.

How do I control Skreens?

You can control Skreens via the Skreens app on any tablet, smartphone or computer. This allows you to select your preferred layout, window size, audio output, favorite web pages and much more. You can download the controller application from the Google Play or iTunes stores now!

Will Skreens have a separate Remote Control?

The Skreens app will turn any tablet, smartphone or computer into a universal remote. You will be able to connect to all of your devices and control them through the app.

How can I customize the Skreens Layout?

Skreens will have default layouts and background images. You’ll also be able to customize and save your own unique layouts to use for different situations.

Changing a background layout is very easy using the Skreens controller in Creator Mode.  The background supports three different modes of display – via setting a background color, uploading and using an image or displaying an image from an external web page.  Some useful tips are:

  • You can upload any image file to your Skreens to use for a background.  Common image formats such as JPEG, PNG or BMP are a few examples.  You can easily manage background images on the device from the controller menu… upload, delete, tile, stretch and center are a few supported functions!  You can upload as many as you would like (within reason!)
  • If you use a URL or webpage as the background image, make sure its a static image.  Dynamic webpages should be added using the ‘Add webpage’ function at the main controller window.
  • The background (if its a color, image or webpage) is considered the same priority as other webpages when X-ray or Chroma Key are enabled!  Read more about the implications of that in those sections.
  • Don’t forget to save your layout after you configure your background!


For a quick tutorial video, click HERE

Can I stream from the Internet?

Yes. A browser is built into Skreens, however, we don’t recommend streaming video with it. You can read the news, Facebook, tweets. Anything on the Internet is at your fingertips.

Is there any latency with Skreens?

The latency is imperceptible for EVERY INPUT. Less than a frame.

How will I be able to hear all the different content streams at once?

Your primary Skreen’s audio will be played on your main speaker system. Skreens supports audio mixing of inputs together as one unified output out the HDMI interface.

Will my device resolution suffer using Skreens?

No, all video sources are played back at 1080p60. You will have the same base native resolution and be able to make any Skreen the size you want. You can look at your content stream (TV/Movie/Game) full screen or split the HDTV screen in two or however many you want. Each screen can be sized the way you want without loss of quality. And if you have a 4K TV, you will be able to watch each input without loss of resolution.

Does Skreens support 3D TV?


Does Skreens have a built-in Memory?

Skreens has built in memory to store your apps and layout preferences, as well as pictures and videos.

What are the dimensions and weight of the Skreens models?

Technical specifications are subject to change and are intended to represent a general illustration of the product and its features.

Height: 3.9 inches (99 mm) Width: 7.95 inches (202mm) Depth: 3.2 inches (81mm)

Weight: 0.75 pound (.34 Kg)

Where can I find the User's Manual?

You may download the Skreen’s User Manual HERE