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Everything that matters, all on one screen...




Skreens are mid-priced solutions for creating, managing, delivering, and streaming high-quality video to any display.  The Skreens solutions combine a video processor, a video scaler, a multi-viewer display, and an audio mixer/switcher – ALL IN ONE!

Skreens helps to deliver more impactful broadcasts and streams, dynamic video walls, informative digital signage, network operation centers, and better meeting room collaboration.

Each Skreens solution allows 4 HDMI inputs and includes a built-in web browser.  Each of these video sources can be moved within the screen to any position and to any size – that’s the beauty of Skreens!

Custom backgrounds and special effects, such as Chroma Key and Transparency effects, are some of the great benefits Skreens brings to you.

Ideal for broadcasting and streaming companies, educational facilities, houses of worship, corporations, etc.

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